Frequently Asked Questions
Will AcreVault.com pay a commission if I find a buyer for one of your properties?

Absolutely!  We will pay a 3% commission to any licensed real estate agent that finds a buyer for one of our properties.

Are you a real estate agent?

Josiah Ronco is a licensed Real Estate Agent with Future Home Realty in the State of Florida.

How do I purchase land from your website?

Get in touch with us by using the contact form on the site. From there we can discuss closing options and send you a purchase agreement to sign. We generally send all of our sales through a local title company. The title company will send you documentation to sign and you will send the title company cash for the purchase (either a cashier’s check or wire transfer). The title company handles everything as a neutral third party.

Can you keep me help me look for a specific kind of property?

Absolutely!  Scroll to the top of this page to join The SafeCracker’s Club and let us know what you are looking for. We would love to hunt down the ideal property for your needs!

Do you offer owner or seller financing?

Yes, but not necessarily on every property.  Feel free to contact us to ask more questions if there is a specific property you would like to purchase using owner financing.

Why are you able to sell properties so cheap? What's the catch?

Our business model is straightforward: we purchase land from property owners who, for a variety of reasons, want to sell their land extremely fast (typically a week or less). Because of this, these property owners are willing to sell at a discount to market value. After purchasing these properties, we can pass some of the savings to our buyers by keeping the price low or offering owner financing. The cash asking price for our properties is typically 20%-60% below the asking price of similar properties for sale in the same area. 

We are partners with LandStay.com, who has been in business for twenty plus years and have successfully completed tens of thousands of purchases like this one. 

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